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Paperless Postcards is country’s first social platform for non fictional Contemplative Conversations that intend to better, transform or change relationships, mindsets and status quo. Conversations that will make you question, contemplate, retrospect and heal. Conversations that intend to also break stigmas, stereotypes and crush hypocrisies. Founded in April 2016, the community reaches out to 2 million people and clocks 5 million impressions weekly.

Paperless Postcards gives meaning to an unexamined life. Struck by nostalgia, we design these conversations on gorgeous postcards. Come, join our tribe!


Conversations turned into short stories with hard hitting plot twists that’ll have you hooked

She opened the door for him and smiled as he entered!

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holding hands

They lay in her bed, tired and satisfied.
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Another frustrating day at work! She entered home thinking he would lift her spirits but she couldn’t be more wrong.
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Keep an open mind for letters that intend to inspire, intrigue & impact you
What does it mean to be loved?

Dear Boyfriend, I Love You ButRead More


We aren’t a thesis to be understood or a box of dismantled furniture to come with a set of instructions.

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If you thought this was another letter full of cutesy wishes, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Dear Society, Yes I Buy Sanitary Pads For My Girlfriend Read More



Opinions on everything viral you ought to read, with a pinch of salt
India pakistan

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Terrorism in Manchester

Terrorism In Manchester – Is Any Hope Left For Humanity Read More

What you should know about India & Snapchat's CEO!

Why Do We Have To Pay Taxes For Bleeding Every Month Read More


Paperless Postcards is a platform for simple, powerful yet thought-provoking non-fiction conversations. These conversations are simple, concise and hit the reader in the heart. The conversations are based on real life day-to-day talk and are therefore extremely relatable. Not only are the conversations well-written but the design work is also particularly unique. All of these aspects make Paperless Postcards stand out from the crowd and cut through the clutter.
Paperless Postcards is the country’s first platform for such conversations and has taken the internet by storm. With a reach of over 2 million, Paperless Postcards aspires to make a mark on the lives of those who seek to change their perspective.
With this aspiration in mind, Paperless Postcards – The Website has come up with various verticals that target different emotions and varied genres.
The writers at Paperless Postcards have understood the need of the online reader. The avid reader wants everything in a simple, concise yet thought provoking manner. Be it stories or open letters, poetry or news. Hence, realizing this need, the website Paperless Postcards was founded.
The website Paperless Postcards consists of various verticals.
One such vertical is Open Letters. An open letter is either intended for an individual and read by a mass audience or intended for a large audience. Paperless Postcards aims to target open letters that inspire motivate and inculcate aspirations in those who wish to read them. Writing letters that change the reader’s perspective is one of the ultimate aims of Paperless Postcards. These open letters amuse, inspire, motivate, influence and move the readers. The open letters published on Paperless Postcards talk about various subjects, categories and issues. They serve as a platform for sensitive topics that the nation and the world as a whole are talking about.
Another vertical is Narrations. What are Narrations?
The concept of simple and concise conversations is what Paperless Postcards had started out with and it was loved by the mass audience. So why not take it up a notch? The writers at Paperless Postcards brainstormed of ideas and ways to build up on the much loved narrations and then came up with the idea of Narrations. These Narrations are nothing but simple yet powerful short stories. But these are not just any other short stories one would find in abundance on the internet. The writers at Paperless Postcards took every element of a usual short story and added them to our Narrations. The narrations are simple, concise and to the point. After all, short stories are a brilliant concept and stretch storytelling to its absolute limit and make the reader’s mind and imagination run wild without losing their interest.
One vertical is Poetry. Paperless Postcards’ tagline is simple, concise and yet thought provoking. So with this in mind, the writers at Paperless Postcards came up with simple yet thought provoking poems. The writers here at Paperless Postcards understand the fast pace and the want of everything quickly. Therefore these poems are short and extremely crisp. These poems stand to their point and convey their message in the sweetest way possible. The writers aim to hit the reader directly in the heart with their poems and work to achieve this goal.
The poems in this vertical are easy to understand and therefore have a high relatability factor. Which is why these poems are loved by the reader and the vertical has taken the internet by storm.
Another vertical is the Trending vertical. Trending topics undergo a process of crucial scrutiny. Out of these, topics that have taken the world by storm are selected. However, the writers at Paperless Postcards give these topics their own touch. Trending articles are then written that are short, concise, up to the point yet thought provoking. But how are Paperless Postcards’ trending articles different from any other trending news that is found in abundance on the internet? These top trending articles are written in an unbiased way from a third person perspective. However, the writers of the Trending vertical give their unbiased opinions and make the reader think about the topic in concern unlike any other news.
Paperless Postcards has achieved great heights already and its poetry leaves a lasting impact on the readers. If Paperless Postcards is successful in changing the life or perspective of even one reader, it has proved its worth in the field.


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